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Des chercheurs de la Nasa montrent que Perseverance se déplace depuis son arrivée sur Mars sur un sol formé de roches magmatiques. © NASA, JPL-Caltech, ASU, MSSS

Diligently found organic matter rolling over the ignited rocks

Astronomers believed they were sediment, but new data from a NASA Perseverance rover returning to Earth since its arrival on Mars in February 2020 shows that the rocks it has formed have been formed from volcanic material. The lava may have flown there in the past, which is completely unexpected news.

It’s been almost a year now Diligence, NASA rover, lands on Mars. For almost a year he has been traveling through the Jessero Gorge. And researchers using data it sends to Earth have now announced astonishing news. According to them, diligence rolls on a floor that has evolved from the beginning Magnetic rocks.

Even before NASA researchers sent their rover there, they wondered about the nature of the soil in this abyss. They wondered if it was still passed Sedimentary rocks Or volcanic rocks. As a result of the accumulation of mineral particles it was eventually carried there by an ancient river system. Seconds as a result of a solidification Magma From a Long extinct volcano.

This is thanks to the Pixl tool – for Planetary instrument for X-ray lithochemistry – Researchers have finally found the answer. Aimed at determining the basic composition of the ingredients in the tool The surface of Mars By Litho Chemistry X-rays. Utilizes drill supply openings installed at the end of the arm Robotic Of perseverance. It can, in fact, abrade or grind rock surfaces.

Magmatic rocks in the Jessero Valley

A few days ago, a rock nicknamed Prague and a rock taken south of the Saitama region revealed its composition: Large crystalsOf Olive Dipped in pyroxene crystals in very unusual amounts. Mark of rock formed from crystals in a slowly cooling puddle.

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Researchers say the rock in question has been repeatedly subjected to weathering by water. “It makes it a treasure that will allow future scientists to date events that occurred in the Jessero abyss.Water is very common on its surface And to reveal the beginning of the history of Mars, The team’s researcher Ken Barley notes in a NASA press release. It remains to be seen whether this olive-rich rock formed in a lake To do Thick cooling on the surface or in the basement chamber, then exposed by corrosion.

Because diligence also aims to take samples of Mars – especially looking for clues to life – to be brought back to Earth by another mission. Read on for more on the questionable models.

Awesome first results

The researchers used a press conference on Wednesday to recall a tool called the Sherlock Scanning the living environment by Raman & Luminance for Organics and Chemicals – Meanwhile organic molecules were found not only in abrasive rocks but also in non-abrasive rock dust. “It is sufficient to map the spatial distribution of the organic matter within the rocks and to combine these organic matter Minerals Are there. It helps to understand the environment in which organic matter is formed. Further analysis is needed to determine how these molecules were produced., Refers to Luther Beagle, who was responsible for the Sherlock project. Therefore, the source of life is not yet known for sure. But the presence of protected organic matter means that at least potential biological signatures may have been preserved. To learn more, we have to wait until the models return to Earth.

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Meanwhile, scientists continue to use data sent to Rimfax Radar imager for surface examination of Mars -, “radographs” appearing underground structures The red planet Up to a depth of 10 meters. They have already confirmed that the Séítah area was created before that The groove is rough with broken ground. They should come up with other valuable information soon Geography Mars planet.

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