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Diligence was able to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere

Diligence was able to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere

AGI – Diligence, Sent rover NASA Its Tuesday, Was able to extract five grams of oxygen by electrolysis from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Red Planet. This is another revolutionary milestone since the first controlled flight to another planet since last Monday Ingenuity, The small helicopter was diligently sent to Mars, the shooting of which was released in these hours.

This is the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource-Utilization Experiment (Moxie) May interfere with future space travel. The new technology not only allows astronauts to be sent to another space to produce breathable air, but also to produce fuel on site to return to Earth.

He explained that Moxie, which was the first to extract natural resources from another planet’s environment for potential direct human use, would allow future travel from other planets to “live off the territory”. Trudeau Cortes, Director of Technology Demonstrations at NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate.

The U.S. space agency estimates that seven tons of rocket fuel and 25 tons of oxygen are needed to send four astronauts to Mars. So he explained that a ton of oxygen converter on the Red Planet would be a much more practical solution than carrying that amount of oxygen. Michael Hitch, One of the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who worked on the Moxie project.

Moxie is able to produce 10 grams of oxygen per hour at this time, but scientists want to achieve at least nine times higher levels under different conditions and speeds within two years.

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Ingenuity to Mars

The second plane of ingenuity also won

The only good news coming from the red planet these hours is not the success of Moxie. In fact, the second Mars flight for ingenuity was also a success. After making history last Monday, with the first controlled flight to another planet, the drone flew 5 seconds, 11 seconds and 50 seconds higher than the April 19 test. Clever was also able to move from side to side, not just from top to bottom.

NASA has released a picture of the shadow that inadvertently landed on Mars during the second flight, and part of the shots of the first plane that were diligently taken, showing the plane taking off and landing.