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Digimon Survive officially postponed to 2022 intend Nintendo Connect

Digimon Survive officially postponed to 2022 intend Nintendo Connect

Do you have Digimon Adventure: Lost Evolution Kisuna I saw it in the cinema and finally felt happy again Digimon Survive Want to play Nintendo Switch? Bandai Namco shared An important update on Twitter To do Digimon Survive With us. All Digimon fans who are patient Digimon Survive Wait, wait a minute.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience and support. Our original goal was to release Digimon Survive in 2021. However, we need more time for development, which is why it is necessary to postpone the release of the game until 2022.

Kasumasa Habu, producer von Digimon Survive

This decision is not easy for those in charge, but they want to use the extra time to improve the quality of the game.
According to the tweet, the entire development team is still working with full commitment on Digiman Survival, so be patient. In addition, they said “more will be available soon
News and updates too Digimon Survive“I want to share with you.

In late August, Nintendo Connect announced it Digimon Survive Gained an age rating in Australia, which is why many fans believe it will be released in advance. The release, which was not before 2022, was already in view – but now it is official!

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