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Curiosity saw bright clouds on Mars

Curiosity saw bright clouds on Mars


Curiosity continues its Mars adventure and provides us with spectacular images of the red planet without fail. Recent photo, Thinking Clouds, a known weather event on Earth, but not so common in our neighboring countries.

Noctlucent clouds, a collection of many images. © NASA / JBL-Caltech

At NASA, we always like to share the most interesting images. They allow us to see the advancement of our technical and scientific knowledge outside of our landscape home, and they are a good visual object for the American company.

Recently, NASA gave us images coming directly from Mars. When Perseverance is the star of the red planet For a few months, the previous star Curiosity kept making its sensors talk. So, last March, in the middle of winter on Earth, like our neighbors, the rover was able to see an unusual weather event on Mars: noctilucent clouds (From Latin “it shines at night”).

Composition created by combining 21 images.  © NASA / JBL-Caltech

Composition created by combining 21 images. © NASA / JBL-Caltech

These are clouds, which are made up of bright fibers, high in the Martian atmosphere and made up of frozen carbon dioxide. They are among the most colorful things you can find on Mars, which usually only provide shades of ocher.

Animation based on images of Curiosity. © NASA / JBL-Caltech

During the broad day, it is difficult to observe the clouds without night, but as the light fades, the remaining rays of the sun are filtered through the clouds and give distinct images. Like Curiosity, the photos were captured using Mastcam cameras. As a reminder, these are two 2MPX cameras installed under the heading Curiosity, which allow you to create panoramas using both 34 and 100mm lenses (24×36 equivalent).

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