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did you know ?  Port Royal 3 is free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Gold subscribers!  |  Xbox One

did you know ? Port Royal 3 is free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Gold subscribers! | Xbox One

You should have noticed that there is a “Free Games” section in the Microsoft Store for your Xbox One and / or Xbox Series, and you will need nothing more than an internet connection to download and download them. In the middle of these topics, depending on the model they are often available as soon as they are released Free to play, Will not cost even a penny over time to others who paid first!

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Xbox Live Gold subscribers are used to discovering a set of games each month that can be accessed at no extra cost and replenish their toy library. Xbox One games can only be played while the subscription is active, with backward compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 titles being offered. In addition to this monthly plan, Microsoft wants to hide some unannounced surprises … and for a good month, it looks like the Port Royal 3 is the latest.

Previously hosted by Games with Gold, the Economic Management Game was released on the Xbox 360 in 2012, and allowed you to get to the heart of the Caribbean where you can create a real empire in the days of the pirates. The game was created by Calypso Media, the studio returning to Limelight after the announcement of their future game simulation Matchpoint – Tennis Championship. Its sequel Port Royal 4, which has recently undergone an update, is a good opportunity to discover this marine universe that can mysteriously be downloaded at any cost. However, it would seem so Xbox Live Gold and / or GamePass Ultimate subscribers only Currently available for download.

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Download Port Royale 3

Feel free to check out the list of free topics in the Microsoft Store. Xbox Free Games is part of a program that highlights different topics for a different and accessible gaming experience. Crackdown, Crackdown 2 or Two Human are just some of the old paid titles available for free. The full list is available here This address.