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Diablo IV: New details about the game and item settings

Diablo IV: New details about the game and item settings

Just before Christmas, Blizzard Entertainment released a new blog post on Diablo IV that reveals new information about the game and item settings.

Blizzard Entertainment provides regular quarterly updates on progress Diablo IV Informed gamers about specific areas and features and kept them updated. Shortly before the end of this year, the relevant blog entry for the fourth quarter was pushed in, and Action RPG goes into detail on the various systems of trust.

Game director Joe Shelley and lead systems designer Joe Pipiora will be leading the way, along with leading visual effects artist Daniel Briggs. The very long and very comprehensive entry provides the first insight into the implemented updates for the item system for antique devices. The most important discovery: the legendary features now appear in many device slots. So, if you are looking for legendary attributes like martial arts, you can find it on rings, breasts or helmets. So you no longer have to hunt for a particular type of item. It is even possible to destroy antiques and extract their properties and replace them with another rare or antique item.

Also discussed are class skills, late play character development system and visual effects of Monster Assassination. Diablo IV will focus more on customizing battles with skill trees and antiques. Item links to skill rankings will be repeated to unlock or enhance capabilities with the collected equipment.

Endcom once again relies on a paragon system, but with one great innovation: the paragon board opens at level 50 for each class and has countless branch paths where you can invest points. You will also find cliffs throughout the sanctuary that offer extra bonuses when placed on the Pharaoh board.

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The full blog post can be found with examples, pictures and more details Here on the official Diablo IV website.

Diablo IV – Di Jagger Trailer

In a new video, Blizzard introduces in detail the Slayer character class from Diablo IV.