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Diablo Immortal goes on a banned alpha-speaker statement

Diablo Immortal goes on a banned alpha-speaker statement

Director Vyat Cheng describes us in this new video, finishing the technical alpha and the place for the banned alpha. Alpha compels, this version is still open to a limited number of users, Australian is also part of the testing program on Android, in addition to a few journalists and content creators. This restricted alpha will be online for several weeks to give users enough time to provide comments and insults.

This new phase first introduces a new game class, the Crusader, which combats the combination of spells and melee attacks in the mid-range. Crusader joins Barbaryan, Demon Hunter, Monk and Wizard in the playable classes of the controlled alpha, knowing that Worm Necromancer is planned for a future test phase. In addition, the maximum level has been raised from 45 to 55, two new zones have appeared (Mount Javin and frozen tundra) as well as a new dungeon (Echo Cave).

Diablo is immortal Cycle of Conflict, a high-level faction that allows you to side with the shadow or the immortal, is the two factions that seize the throne and assert their dominance over the sanctuary. The battlefield that allows players to take part in team battles against 8 in 8, finally, in terms of functionality, allows Hell Response players to find and confront powerful bosses and allow another system to change the essence from legends to objects for other famous trinkets in his collection.

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