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Diablo II: Resurrected

Diablo II: Resurrected developers talk about the performance of the roll-flaming game on the Nintendo Switch

The truth appears Diablo II: Resurrected For the Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo EShop in a few days, but specific ones will be waiting Technical details Portable version within range. When it was released on September 23rd, Rob Colony and Kevin Dodisco talked about Viscorius Vision. Interview With our colleagues from VentureBeat about the updated new version of the classic. That too was in the interview Nintendo Switch-Edition From Diablo II: Resurrected a lesson created by two developers Very positive rating Shared about portable version. Below we have translated the relevant passages of the interview for you:


Rob Shoes: I think Diablo II: Resurrection runs like butter on the Nintendo Switch. I really enjoy playing the game in portable mode. We modified the console versions on the respective platform because we did not want the portable version of the Diablo II to be ported: the console was resurrected. In the Nintendo Switch version we took a few things into account, even for players who only play the game in portable mode – everything is a little small. In particular, things like font size or content displayed on small screens need to be adjusted on the Nintendo Switch to bring out the strengths of the console.

Kevin Dodisco: The same goes for many 3D graphics. The gaming experience is ideal for the small screen of the Nintendo Switch, which can be switched to a larger screen at any time. During development we ensured that for each version and site, the technical features were changed to suit the strength of the respective site. The Nintendo Switch version is much better, and I think people will enjoy taking the Diablo II and playing it: Resurrected on the go.

Do you believe in the technically good version of the revived Diablo II for the Nintendo Switch?

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