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Diablo II: Resurrected

Diablo II: Nintendo Switch – will be revived this year for ntower

Evil survived

Diablo II: Resurrection Blizzard Entertainment Award-winning action roll-flaming game and its accompanying extension, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, brings everything to new life. Return to Battle for the Sanctuary and discover the fate of the mysterious Dark Wanderer – brand new 3D graphics, completely redesigned cutouts, improved sound … and the classic gameplay of Diablo II.

Back to the sanctuary

Your journey begins at a hunter’s camp, taking you through the desert to the port city of Lute Colin, across the sea to the dense jungle of Krastin and finally to the fiery hellish landscape outside the castle. You can now enjoy the original 2D world thanks to modern technology with revised 3D graphics and refined sound, breathtaking 4K resolution (2160p) and 7.1 surround sound and revised and newly recorded sounds. With modern screen resolutions and added support for surround sound, you can switch between the revised version of the Diablo II and the classic game in real time.

Diablo’s staff is growing strongly

Plunder powerful objects, master over 200 amazing abilities from a total of seven classes, and defeat Burning Hells staff with seven players via®, Burning Entertainment’s free online gaming service. Dominates leaderboards and starts fresh at the start of each new season.

Two games in one

Diablo II: Resurrected all content from the four acts of Diablo II and an act of expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Many new contents of the extension, namely two additional playable classes, new items, runes and rune words, subtle items and more.

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It doesn’t matter what device you are playing on

With the planned cross-platform upgrade feature, you can access your characters anywhere and anytime and monitor their progress, no matter what device you are running Diablo II on. You will keep your characters on sites that support all of their loot, levels, quest progress, skills and abilities. Cross-site upgrade requires a linked account and separately purchased versions of Diablo II: revived for each site used.

More space for more prey

The expanded personal booty chest has room for all the loot you earn hard. With shared booty chest box, you can quickly and easily send looted items to your other characters.

From Arad to Westmark

Added Diablo ® III: Defeat the big evils with Eternal Collection and return to the new Tristram after 20 years. This set includes Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III; Acts V, Expansion Reaper for Souls, which includes Adventure Mode and Crusade Playable Class; Necromancer Return Gallery with Necromancer Play Class; And additional cosmetic products.

Extend your arms

Seasonal content and an endless improvement system await you. There are no limits to continuing your power when you climb on leaderboards. Take on the ultimate challenge: dungeons that are completely randomly created, in which you must constantly face new additions of deadly locations throughout the sanctuary. As you go deeper, random enemies and terrifying portal defenders become more powerful, but also breathtaking (and glorious) rewards.

Submit the hate to your will

The Diablo ஈ Prime Evil collection includes Comrade Mephisto and the Hate Wings Class of Hate for Diablo III. Fight in style with the staff of Burning Hell, which can always impress the envious gaze of your team on your travels.

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