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Devices with older versions of Android are no longer supported

Devices with older versions of Android are no longer supported

This message can be very difficult for people dealing with things like the Samsung Galaxy S and Android 2.3, for example. This is because Google has announced that it will discontinue support for devices running older versions of Android. Users of Android 2.3.7 or earlier Currently receiving email from Google, Which states that you will not be able to sign in to your Google Account to use related applications from September 27th.

If you dare to sign in after September 27 to access services such as YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps, you will receive error messages about your username or password. On top of that Google support page Find out the reason for this step: Security of Android services. In older Android versions, in the absence of modern technology, Google services could no longer make the improvements made in terms of security.

New version solution for Android

Older devices will not lose their usefulness. According to Google, one should try logging in to a Google Account via a web browser because some services may still be used if you sign in through a browser. However, if you do not want to be satisfied with it, you can avoid installing the updated version of Android on your device if possible. However, reinstalling the device should not work because the unsupported version of Android will try to access your Google Account.

Android 3.0 2011 is the oldest version to receive Google support until September 27th. There is also the option to install an open source version of Android that runs independently of Google services. It should be noted that these versions have not received updates for older devices for a long time.

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