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Developer Conference: Only a few tickets left for the fall campus

Developer Conference: Only a few tickets left for the fall campus

For the online edition of the fall campus on September 15, only a few of the hundred free tickets are still available. The Developer Conference, launched in 2009 and aimed at corporate developers and usually held at the University of Nuremberg Technology, is currently divided into six thematic volumes with three lectures and group discussions on software architecture, container, and Java. , API development, infrastructure and further development as code and teamwork.

Participants are given about 20 lectures and many opportunities to interact with each other – a virtual reunion is planned especially in the evening after the keynote address by Carola Lilienthal. With feedback, the organizers like – Developer, iX And dpunkt.verlag – Reflects the communicative nature of on-site issues. All lectures are recorded so they are available to participants. Additional information on lectures can be found in the program overview.

The first hundred tickets go only to provide personal data – there is still a small allotment for this – and then it can be sent to sponsors. However, sponsors have the option to attend the conference without data as part of an initial bird discount valid for 49 euros (all prices plus VAT) until the end of July.

Regardless of this, there is a chance Train in several full day workshops. Topics:

  • Domain-driven design vision to code: Functional domain modeling (September 8)
  • Understanding Systems for Software Designers (September 17)
  • Isolated Integration Tests – Test Containers Kickstart (September 20)
  • Spring boot web application running in AWS Cloud (September 23) with Terraform in three steps.
  • Modern Software Configuration Documentation (September 24)
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Full-day workshops cost 449 euros. If you want to participate in a group, you can benefit from a group discount on request.


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