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Destination Miami, Italy 1 / Undead Story

Destination Miami, Italy 1 / Undead Story

Police School 5: Destination Miami Italy 1 Image Today, 4 September 2021, From the beginning 14.30 Broadcast. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Italy – Warnes Home Video (Kli Scooty) and produced by Paul Maslanskis for Warner Bros. Pictures. The year of its theatrical release is 1988 and is part of the comic genre. This is the fifth episode of the highly successful saga, where the spoiled police officers are the protagonists.

The movement was handed over to Alan Myerson, who is famous for directing a ring for four nuts – and the TV series – Growing Hard. Among the cast, there is a reaffirmation of regular protagonists such as Nick Lazard or Matt McCoy in the role of Sergeant Moses Hightover, Buda Smith, Captain Tadius Harris, Janet Jones (Kate). George Gaines as Commander Eric Lazard. The feeling is that we are now facing a story that is completely excluded.

Police School 5: Target Miami, the storyline of the film

In this fifth chapter of history, Police School 5: Destination Miami, About a group of regular bungling policemen, Commander Lazard is nearing retirement. A stroke of luck for Captain Harris who has long wanted to take down his rival and take his place. Before leaving the academy, Lazard was given a gift by the police, which he decided to share with his men. The group booked a flight to Miami, where the award ceremony will take place in the presence of key state officials. Arriving at his destination, Lazard hugged his son-in-law Nick and the Miami Department of Defense. Once the boy meets Harris, he decides to arrange a prank on the beach to neutralize him. At the airport while sorting luggage, no one noticed that Lazardine’s suitcases had been changed. When the commander reached his hotel room, instead of finding his personal belongings in the luggage, he realized that there was an oversupply of jewelry. Shortly after the right owners explode into the room to retrieve the loot, but Lazard, thinking it was an exercise, allows himself to be abducted without resistance. Harris, thinking that the time has come to eliminate his enemy, is also kidnapped, but when Lazard cleverly knocks down his kidnapper, Harris ends up at sea. We think of a crocodile to make the situation worse, and the worst can be avoided only if Hidayover intervenes in a timely manner. The ceremony takes place at its best, but Harris is forced to give his savior a medal to receive as a medal promotion gift. Harris comforts himself by appointing a commander, but after a positive outcome of the process and the recovery of stolen goods, Governor Lazard decides not to retire, but leaves him at the academy. His men rejoice when Harris and Proctor are disappointed.

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