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Despite warnings from Ian Malcolm, Elon Musk's partner hopes to build Jurassic Park in 15 years

Despite warnings from Ian Malcolm, Elon Musk’s partner hopes to build Jurassic Park in 15 years

Humans will never learn from their mistakes? Despite many warnings from Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Zoo, Max Hodge (co-founder of Neuralink) believes that humanity can create dinosaur parks within 15 years.

Basically, the message of Jurassic Park is this: Nature is always finding a way and reclaiming its rights, no matter what humans can control it. While Jurassic Park is a dream on paper, there are dozens of reasons why opening such a theme park would be such a bad idea.

In 15 more years, NureLink co-founder Max Hodge estimates that mankind will be able to recreate dinosaurs and open a park just as Steven Spielberg imagined. It was on Twitter that the businessman described his thoughts: “We can open Jurassic Park if we want. It takes 15 years of breeding and engineering to get some new, super-exotic creatures. ”

“Why stop there?”

As a reminder, by creating the Neuralink company, Elon Musk and his friend are trying to create the first brain-machine interface (ICM) to help people with disabilities, for example. We understand that they strive at all costs to advance science and humanity. Also, in the second tweet, Max Hotak hopes to find a way to create new biodiversity. Because when he says it best: “Why stop there? “

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However, Neuralink has already been able to obtain relatively conclusive results from their brain implants on pigs. Most recently monkeys. But from there until the creation of the Tricetops, we are still a long way from that. Obviously, does the world really want to see dinosaurs again?

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