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Black Lives Matter, Meadow & Friday for the Future: Mocking "Awareness" Self-Expression - Culture

Black Lives Matter, Meadow & Friday for the Future: Mocking “Awareness” Self-Expression – Culture

Did you already know about “Awake Humor Book”? According to the verse, it should be the first complete set of politically correct, culturally sensitive humor. However, in the case of the related online mail order company, the reviews are devastating: “This comic book only has blank pages”. Come to the stage of political controversy in 2021.

Over the past few weeks, another debate on identity politics has spread through the German language feature pages. The cloudy, swirling discourse has once again washed away a trigger period. “Awake” has long been a rhetorical stick used by discourse participants: those who regard progressive movements as elite and academic.

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“Awake” is an object of the arrogance of higher political consciousness that was later revealed. Activists: People with different lines belong to a sect-like “awareness movement” that protects themselves from reality: the beneficiaries of “Voko Haram”.

Beyond its use in the past, the term “Awake” has been used for decades in black society. In early 1938 he appeared on the American blues singer Leadbell’s song “Scotsboro Boys”. In it he denounced racially motivated executions against black youth. With the final words “wake up”, the musician appealed to critical awareness of discrimination.

The signal word of a reactionary recession

Then, “Awake” is the catchphrase of the Black Lives Matter movement, an expression of resistance to structural racism. Even in the time-honored Merriam-Webster’s college dictionary, the term refers to “awareness and active focus on important facts and issues (especially questions of racial and social justice).”

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A leftist, such as the playwright Bernd Stiegmann, recently criticized Weld: “Awake follows a moral-reactionary policy that has nothing to do with the left. It has a reactionary view of man and follows reactionary politics. “

All political movements should self-critically examine their path to obstinacy and ideological traps. But if you dismiss the legitimate concerns for the future of Fridays with a bad label for the Meadow movement, you are in it yourself.

As a self-explanation, the term is rarely found in this country anyway. However, the signal of a reactionary recession is, as the saying goes, ubiquitous. In doing so, he precisely performs the function of being accused of being “awake”: asserting one’s own superiority in front of initiated supporters.