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Awesome stories for the ears: three apps for audio book fans

Awesome stories for the ears: three apps for audio book fans

Whether in the car, on the train or in a cozy bed: With the appropriate smartphone apps, you have interesting stories like audio books or radio plays with you wherever you go. Here are three apps for all types of fans available for both iOS and Android.

Top dog

The best known provider Audio books in digital form are probably audible. According to its own information, the Amazon subsidiary has about 200,000 titles in its range. This includes original and exclusive stories that can only be heard here. The provider relies on the subscription model, which, unlike individual purchases at retail, is often considerably cheaper. After a month of free trial, users get a loan of less than ten euros per month. This will allow you to download the topic you normally like – or the two topics currently offered. Users retain access to previously purchased content even after the subscription is canceled. Additional titles can be purchased for a maximum of ten euros each.

Flat rates

App Teaser’s audiobooks take a different approach, Which will be very useful for fans who want to hear a lot of stories. For around ten euros per month, consumers can access a separate audio book app after a free three-month trial subscription to the premium package from the music streaming service (other packages are also available). Choosing titles is less extensive than recording, but users can listen to as many audio books and games as they like, at a flat rate, at no extra charge. Here, too, you can download tracks and listen offline to save a certain amount of data while traveling. There is also a new “BookCatcher” feature for Android. Users can photograph the cover of a book and the application will automatically search for the correct audio book. The functionality is still in development on iOS.

Bookbeat Relies on a flat ratio model. Launched about five years ago in Finland and Sweden, the service now has more than 100,000 paid users in Germany. The first two weeks are free, but depending on the subscription you choose, there are sometimes significant restrictions. With a premium subscription of less than 20 euros per month, the asking time is unlimited, but the two cheaper versions only offer a limited listening time of 25 hours (about ten euros) and 100 hours (about 15 euros). . Consumers are offered more than 100,000 audio books that can be streamed or downloaded and listened to offline.

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