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Demon Slayer, Accelerator's Nesco Gospel Cheek - Live 4.Life

Demon Slayer, Accelerator’s Nesco Gospel Cheek – Live 4.Life

Nesco, The protagonist of the series Demon Slayer, A sensible and very honest character, as far as representation is concerned, but the Cosplayer printer wanted a dedication cosplay The decisive chin, in which he showed an unprecedented side, is almost unthinkable, giving the young demon how he appears in the series.

The printer tried to reveal the most hidden side of the character, even frankly. Despite this, The In costume It is made in a precise manner on the hairstyle and kimono. The structure of the photo according to the character is also beautiful.

The Demon Slayer series is the phenomenon of the moment, capable of attracting general attention. Latest movie, Face train, Was found to be the second most visited type in the United States and the most visited worldwide. Nesuko plays a key role and aims to inspire him to pursue a career as a ghost killer in order to save his brother Tangiro.

If you are gods Fan In Cosplay, Tiffany’s Cosplay, Roxanne Cowley’s Coy Play The Gospel of Dimitrescu or the Gospel of Simon Vargas, the context for getting the full picture of what is going on.

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