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Delete or deactivate Facebook page: Steps to follow

Delete or deactivate Facebook page: Steps to follow

Learn how to permanently delete or disable your Facebook page.

Step-by-step steps to delete or deactivate a Facebook page. © Denys Prykhodov –

You created a page many years ago and you do not see the need for it? Do you want to pause your page for a few days or a few months? In this article, we will explain how to delete a Facebook page from your computer or mobile and temporarily disable your page.

How To Delete A Facebook Page From Your Computer

To delete a Facebook page via your computer, only a few steps are required. On the other hand, deleting a page requires being its administrator.

Here is the procedure to follow:

  • In your news feed, click the Tab Pages Located in the left side menu,
  • Select the corresponding page and press SettingsIn the menu on the left,
  • In General, Find the tab Delete page, And click Modifier,
  • Click the link Remove [nom de la page] Will be displayed, then press the button Delete page.

If you press the button, the output of the page will not be published and it will only be visible to admins. Good to know: If you change your mind, you have 14 days to reset your page. After this time, the page will be permanently deleted and will not be restored.

Remove the Facebook page from your mobile

You can also delete the Facebook page from your mobile. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Facebook app, click the Tab List As illustrated by your profile picture,
  2. Meet Your pages, Then select the relevant page,
  3. In the upper right, click the gear wheel indicating access to the settings,
  4. Select General, Then see section Delete page,
  5. Click Remove [nom de la page] ?, Then the button Delete page.

If you change your mind after doing this manipulation, you still have 14 days to recover your page.

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Deactivate the Facebook page

Facebook offers the option of disabling a page. Sure, the page will be hidden from users of the social network (in the news feed, search bar and results), but your data will not be deleted, and you can reactivate the page at any time.

To deactivate your page:

  1. In your news feed, click the Tab Pages In the left side menu,
  2. Select and select the corresponding page SettingsIn the menu on the left,
  3. In General, Go to area Page visibility (At the very top of the section), then Click Modifier And Dick Unpublished page,
  4. Press the button Save changes,
  5. A pop-up will open stating the reason you did not publish the page: page not completed, company or brand not present, page creation by mistake … select the checkbox you want and click Do not publish.

Download the Facebook page

Before deleting the content of your Facebook page, do you want to download it? This is entirely possible:

  1. In your news feed, click the Tab Pages In the left side menu,
  2. Select and select the corresponding page Settings In the menu on the left,
  3. In general, go to the section Download page, Then click the link Download page.

Options are provided for downloading Facebook data

Possibility to select file options:

  • Format: HTML (easy to view) or JSON (easy to import to another service)
  • Content quality: High, medium or low
  • Duration: All information and content from the creation of the first page last week.

Information in the file of the Facebook page to download

You can also select information to download:

  • Publications : All publications shared on the Facebook page,
  • Pages : Page, pages that are liked or recommended, as well as pages that you follow and pages that you do not follow,
  • Studies: The polls you created and the studies you participated in,
  • Events: Events created for your page,
  • Comments and Reactions: Comments, options and reactions,
  • Stories: Photos and videos shared on the story of your Facebook page,
  • Boutiques: Information about the products in your store,
  • Fundraisers: Packages created and you participated in,
  • Groups: Groups of which you are a member,
  • News: Messages transmitted by Messenger,
  • Other function: Other information about different sections of the page,
  • Page Profile Information: Name, web address and all information about your page and its administrators.
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Know: Download is protected by a password that only you can access. Facebook recommends downloading your files to your computer, but if you choose to do this on your mobile, you will need a Wi-Fi connection.

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