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"Defect" in engineering.  Download Logio in Leonardo

“Defect” in engineering. Download Logio in Leonardo

Everything revolves around log files. In other words, traces left by cyber pirates who deceived security systems and “broke” the doors of Lazio’s regional health system on Saturday night. Three days after the public portal with the data of all the residents of the region was hacked, investigators, postal police and Dicos, day and night reconstructed, backwards, the route taken by an officer to enter the PC as Frocinone. Some of these assurances: The manager did not work wisely and the terminal was in his place, i.e. in the office. The man did not browse and no one entered the PC access system directly. As the head of the regional council they point out that this is not a negligence, the system can also run but you can not access anything without evidence. In short, no one physically enters the structure. PC is like open window but front bars. The pirates tore them up from a distance, “they added.

Investigations coordinated by the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Rome are, above all, aimed at establishing whether this is an act of extortion. No note of violation, frightened at the initial moment of violation. At risk, however, is the data of the entire population, including the personalities of the “alert” person, such as the President of the Republic. Used to enslave the Trojan logic system, a malware called Cryptologer Ransomware would have gone through the company overseeing the security of the entire regional portal with a database of millions of customers. But investigators are not talking about this. Although all the secrets have been in favor of the police since yesterday, computer experts from Europol and the FBI have arrived in the capital. Objective: To identify the perpetrators or perpetrators of cyber attack before the encrypted data falls into the wrong hands. La Pisana, for its part, ensures that nothing is lost and keeps every data set, even when turned off. On other days, at least until next weekend, the Department of Health clarifies that medical records cannot be downloaded online, that bookings for visits and vaccinations cannot be accessed, and that the vaccine Green Pass is not available. Above all, connect with the Unica Booking Center. “Users can do it – the department explains – by going directly to hospital trophies and outpatient clinics”. Starting today, the temporary telephone booking system for attendance and exams with Priority Class U and B will operate for residents of Asl 1. Police work where hackers do not have time to steal and protect important data.

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Wrestling under the responsibility of security systems. The region protects Logiocria and explains that it was “handed over to Leonardo by the Concepcion Treaty”. The company denies: We have never had the operational management of Logiogria’s monitoring and cyber security services. We have so far provided administrative services only to design the Security Operations Center (SOC) to define processes and procedures and to provide legal support for the protection of personal data.