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December 22, 2021 Free PC Game Revealed in advance, again -

December 22, 2021 Free PC Game Revealed in advance, again –

Again, the well-known leak was released by Phil-Kun Free PC Game from Epic Games Store Today, or December 22, 2021. Video game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden that we can claim in a few hours.

Year Zero: Road to Eden is a strategy adventure game that combines XCOM’s turn-based warfare with comprehensive storytelling, exploration, stealth and strategy. In Camille, we control the group of mutants who rule the earth after man. In fact humans have disappeared. Browse the remnants of civilization for mutants, decomposed human figures like animals, something to seek or eat for salvation.

Screenshot of Zero last year: Road to Eden

Car only Every Epic Games Store game that comes as a gift for this Christmas season was announced a day in advance. So, even if there is always a distant chance of making a mistake or Epic Games decides to change the game at the last minute, we can say that it is very reliable (it has happened in the past, in some cases.) Mutan Year Zero: Road to Eden December 29 Billbil-kun Says, but Epic has decided to change that in today’s game. We do not know what the modified game is.

Tell us, are you interested in the upcoming Epic Games Store game?

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