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Debian 11 Bullseye: News, Download, Installation

Debian 11 Bullseye: News, Download, Installation

We were looking forward to it in September. The latest version of the Debian operating system has just been released. A few days before the Debconf21 conference, here is a summary of the new ones on the Debian 11 Bullseye.

After two years, one month and nine days of growth, the Debian community is proud to announce its new standard release number 11“, Announced Representatives of the project on August 14.

Debian: What are we talking about?

Debian A The GNU / Linux distribution is made up of free software and open source code. It is free and 100% free.

Debian has extensive hardware support. It is the basis of many distributions including Ubuntu, Nafix, PuroOS, SteamOS or Tails.

What’s new in Debian 11?

A is written around Linux 5.10 kernels, Debian 11 distribution is available from August 14th. 72% of packages have changed since the last release (Debian 10).

Bulsey is the first release to support the Linux kernel with exFAT file system support, and is used to load exFAT file systems by default.

Bullseye introduces a new package called ipp-usb, which uses the vendor-independent IPP-over-USB protocol for printing.

Summary of new features

Debian 11 Pulse Les proposes Office contexts As follows:

- GNOME 3.38;

- KDE Plasma 5.20;

- LXDE 11;

- LXQt 0.16;

- Mate 1.24;

- Xfce 4.16.

Introducing the new version Newer versions Elements:

- Apache 2.4.48

- BIND 9.16 DNS Server

- Calligra 3.2

- CryptSet 2.3

- Emacs 27.1

- GIMP 2.10.22

- GNU 10.2 Compiler Collection

- GnuPG 2.2.20

- Inkscape 1.0.2

- LibreOffice Office 7.0

- Mariatip 10.5

- OpenSSH 8.4p1

- Perl 5.32

- PHP 7.4

- PostgreSQL 13

- Python 3, 3.9.1

- Rustc 1.48

- Samba 4.13

- Wim 8.2

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Some numbers

This new version contains 11,294 new packages for a total of 59,551 packages, with a significant number of packages (9,519) marked as “obsolete” and removed. 42,821 packages have been updated and 5,434 remain unchanged.

Debian Med Contributions

The Debian Med team took part in the fight against Govt-19 by paving Viral research packages Fighting infection with its sequence and the tools used for infection.

This work will continue with an emphasis Machine learning tools In these two areas. The work of the Committee on Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration is essential in terms of the consistency and reproduction of the results required in the field of science.

Download and install Debian 11

Can be downloaded and Install Debian 11 manually By following the installation instructions This page.

Tester Debian 11

if you like Try not installing Debian 11 Bullseye, You can use One of the standout films For amd64 and i386 running the entire operating system without installation.

Update Debian 11

Upgrading from Debian 10 to Debian 11 The APT is automatically managed by the package management tool.

What architecture supported?

Supports Debian 11 Nine Architecture : 64-bit PC / Intel EM64T / x86-64 (amd64), 32-bit PC / Intel IA-32 (i386), 64-bit Motorola / IBM PowerPC slightly endian (ppc64el), IBM S / 390 64-bit ( s390x), old and new 32-bit hardware and arm64 64-bit AArch64 architecture for ARM, armel and armhf, and mips64el for MIPS, 32-bit hardware mipsel (slightly endian) and 64-bit small-end hardware.

Each configuration contains installation instructions and downloadable files From this page.