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James McAvoy had to set fire to the disc to stop playing -

James McAvoy had to set fire to the disc to stop playing –

James McAvoy, A young professor in the X-Men series who is well known for his role in X or Split and Class, told of his interest in video games and how it once got out of hand. Set fire to the TES 4 Oblivion disk to stop playing.

Recently, McAvoy voiced a character in 12 minutes and, as a result, told Forbes about him. Interest in video games. “It’s the kind of game I’ve always loved as a kid. RPG, Zelda, The Secret of Mana, all of those kinds. I love fantasy RPGs.”

He later explained that while starring in the film Becoming Jane, his love affair with Oblivion became a problem: “I had to go to bed at 10pm because I woke up at 6am every day, I had a lot of jokes and everything. And instead I was up at four in the morning.” At one point, he played until five in the morning, took him to the set ten minutes before a car was coming in. To solve the situation, he turned on the gas, put the disk on it and watched it melt, so he stopped playing Oblivion.

L’Emperor Uriel Septim 7 forgotten;

If you like coincidences, four years later, Macaulay became Professor X, who previously handled this role. Patrick Stewart, Who played Emperor Uriel Septim VII in Oblivion.

Today, McAvoy still plays video games, especially with Call of Duty Warson friends, so he can keep in touch and talk. “During epidemics, he said,“ me and my kids – we all have gray hair, bald spots and all kinds of shit – we talk every two or three nights, play warson, talk about life, love. We are completely destroyed by 12 year old boys from other countries.

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