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Days Con 2 featured co-op multiplayer and shared game world - Nerd 4. Life

Days Con 2 featured co-op multiplayer and shared game world – Nerd 4. Life

According to director Jeff Rose, Days Con 2 should have co-op multiplayer and shared world

Days passed 2 Seems to have been canceled, or at least blocked by Sony indefinitely, but in the meantime new details are emerging about what the second episode should be, with the former director Cooperative multiplayer mode That’s one Shared game world With other players.

The information comes from that interview Jeff Rose, Co-Director The creator of Days Con or the original God of War, which was conducted with David Jaff, has now become a kind of social personality with a YouTube channel in which he talks about various aspects of the development of the video game, who gave this interesting interview on the subject.

On that occasion, Rose also confirmed Schreier’s words, which have been published in recent days in Bloomberg Investigation Since then Sony has rejected Days Con 2 in its new policy aimed at the development of successful blockbusters.

“We also liked the co-op mode in the first episode, but we had to decide what to focus on,” Rose said during the interview, noting that the growth of the first days took longer than expected.

However, the idea remained in Bent Studios’ mind, and he revived it Pitch For Days 2: “This was one of the things included in the plan. Yes there was the idea of ​​a shared universe in a cooperative way”. According to Ross, there may be players Build a shelter, Defined a “clubhouse” in theme with motorcycle gangs, perhaps sharing them with other riders and modifying them in an integrated manner with others.

All of these would have created an additional element Sports, Somewhat similar to survival games like State of DK, but mainly based on co-op multiplayer. With single player still two distinct modes, Days is a part of Con 2, so it’s not clear how this fits into the story of the game.

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