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Date and trailer for the next DLC character Sioux

Date and trailer for the next DLC character Sioux

Sycamores and development studio Arch Systems Works have announced the release date for the next DLC character for the fighting game “Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Versus”. Accordingly, the Sioux is set to release on July 13, 2021, thereby offering a free update that brings two new phases, “Space Vision” and “Abyss”.

In search of repentance

Sioux is the sixth eternity and master of the nail, who kills his enemies with incomparable speed. Distorted by fate he wears many masks to hide his true feelings. Nevertheless, he will continue on the journey of repentance. One day when he is reunited with the person he loves so much he will travel to the end of heaven.

For those who purchase an additional character set other than the Sioux, it will be offered for $ 6.99, which will include a special Sioux Lobby Avatar, a star character icon, two additional searches in RPG mode and more.

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Finally, those responsible announced that the global sales of “Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Versus” have exceeded 500,000 units. Also, the next DLC character is set to be revealed in August.

“Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Versus” was released in March 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Sioux’s new trailer is here:

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