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Daily Fantasy Rankings, Predictions, Layers (Free Download)

Daily Fantasy Rankings, Predictions, Layers (Free Download)

You can download the weekly NFL Fan Dual Seatsheet for free by clicking on the green excel image. It will bring you the best money choices, competitive options, layers and the best values. Also, check out our DFS plans and rankings to help cover other slates and further improve the decision-making process for those rows. Look for the seat sheet every Wednesday, which will cover the upcoming main slate, which will be available at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Downloadable Week 15 FanDuel Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Excel Download


Patrick MahomsAlthough not pie weeks, we have a compressed slate with 11 games. Patrick Mahomes is the most expensive quarterback on board and he is the safest option this week. , 900 8,900 is not even a bad price mark against the Saints. The slate has some interesting centers with Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson. Jackson has the best fit, but is a bit limited due to the blowpipe and runs the risk of getting the run game. With Tom Brady, there are some cheaper options at 900 7,900. Atlanta is not a bad place to allow 281 passing yards per game and two passing touchdowns per game. The cheapest option this week is Jalan Hertz. His quick base against Arizona is so high that he directs a lot of human coverage to help the Hertz get out and run.

Running back

Derrick HenryRunning back is pretty easy in terms of cash games. Derrick Henry made an easy call against the Lions run defense this week. Henry has come to another level late, and the season will end strongly. Detroit allows you to run 26.5 fantasy points per game per season. Dolvin Cook and Alvin Camara are still playing, but I would like to go a little cheaper as Jonathan Taylor and David Montgomery can perform again. Taylor is at his best this season, allowing 138 yards on the Houston ground and 1.38 quick touchdowns per game. Since Game Acres has been carrying the workload for the past few weeks, you can go cheap because the price tag failed to adjust. The Agars, 17 against the Jets as a 17-point favorite, are 7,700. Miles Sanders, too, is under 000 7,000, and last week we saw him break a few monster runs against a good saint defense.

Wide recipients

Calvin RidleyI don’t need to dive too much into top end white receivers. Tyrik Hill, Calvin Ridley, A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalfe have strong options this week and a solid base as regular plays this season. Diving in the low, 000 7,000s, Robert Woods is a good GBP play. While many see game agars and other receiving options, both Robert Woods and Cooper Kup are a great fit, but shouldn’t have too much franchise. Alan Robinson, who allowed 1.54 touchdowns per game for wide receivers this season, gets the Vikings in tears this week. Tampa has been disgusting to wide receivers this season, but it is a decent fit against the Falcons, and the Bucks have a total of 28.25.

I like the $ 6000 limit this week because Terry McLaren is a late pedestrian, but for 900 6,900 it’s a strong play. TY Hilton against Texan is a strong start again, but not worth the last two weeks. Amari Cooper has been producing despite the fall of the Cowboys offense. Brandon Iuke on the other side of the game is completely crushed.

Tight results

Mark AndrewsSafe action in this situation continues to be Travis Kells, but the 500 8,500 price tag is too high. With cheap wide receivers, it sets up a framework where you can use Kells. He has a 14.1 FD point base and 75% consistency in the last eight games. Mark Andrews is an intriguing option a bit cheaper. He’s in a better position against the Jaguars, which allowed them to finish tight on double-digit touchdowns this week. If I go down from Kells it will be to Andrews. I would love to pick up points here this week. You can create some centers with Rob Krankowski and DJ Hokkenson. Both are in decent places this week against the security that allowed solid production.


Los Angeles New 100x100 RamsWhile the slam dunk for Los Angeles defense this week is safe play and the price is high it is not bad to be different from some other options this week. With Seattle you can go back to the well, and now the table has dropped a little bit. There is a $ 500 difference I would make if I needed that extra money. I like New England on the cheap side because Miami’s offense is not structured to generate large numbers. We should see a sluggish Miami team this week and a game in general.fanduel20dfs

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