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D.L. John. Drake overthrows the Vatican and demands the independence of parliament. The pope is not a great person for diplomacy

D.L. John. Drake overthrows the Vatican and demands the independence of parliament. The pope is not a great person for diplomacy

The Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi addressed the Senate ahead of the forthcoming European Council meeting on March 24, 2021 in Rome, Italy. ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

“Ours is a secular state.” Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi spoke in the Senate about the John Bill and his rejection of the Vatican asking for some changes in the speech. “Parliament is always free to debate and so on. All guarantees are in line with international obligations, including Concordot. Parliamentary committees have preventive checks and subsequent checks in the Constitutional Court,” he notes.

“The secular state is the protection of pluralism” “I would like to point out one thing, which is found in the 1989 Constitutional Court ruling – the Prime Minister explains -: secularism is not the state’s indifference to religious events, secularism is security pluralism and cultural diversity”. “Finally, to conclude the information, yesterday Italy signed a joint statement with 16 other European countries expressing concern over legal articles in Hungary that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. These are the statements I want to make today, without going into the merits of the parliamentary debate. As you can see, the government is following it. , But this is the moment for the parliament, this is not the moment for the administration, ”concludes the Prime Minister. , He has it in his hands just like the competition.

The first approval of the Prime Minister’s speech comes from the Secretary of the Democratic Party. “We fully recognize Tracy’s words in Parliament about the state’s secularism and respect for guarantees,” Enrico Letta wrote on Twitter, adding the hashtag “DDL John.”

Liu also praised the Prime Minister’s response to the John Bill. “Tracy’s words in the letter sent by the Vatican regarding the John Bill are sinful and complete,” says committee chairman Loredana de Petris. “Tragi underscored the secular nature of the state, and recalled that the restrictions on the constitution of the laws in Italy and therefore compliance with the Concord did not allow for any fear of Article 21 of the Constitution and the protection of the Constitution. The protection of freedom of thought and expression.” It has done very well to point out, but the government does not have to decide this bill, which is the law of parliamentary initiative. Discussing the law is the job of parliament and the action that has long been blocked by the Northern League’s interference in the special and judicial committee must be brought to justice immediately.

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And Northern League player Andrea Ostellari also praised the Prime Minister’s response. “I applaud Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s response. Of course Italy is a secular country, but secularism, as he points out, is the preservation of diversity and cultural diversity. Including religious sentiments. The work of the Parliament and the Commission, as the Prime Minister has made clear, includes the task of carrying out preventive constitutional tests on bills, ”said the head of the Judicial Commission in Madame Palazzo.