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Cyberpunk Update 1.02 Patch Notes PS4 |  Posted for a day download at Gaming |  Entertainment

Cyberpunk Update 1.02 Patch Notes PS4 | Posted for a day download at Gaming | Entertainment

Cyberpunk 2077 fans can (and should) download a big day update on PS4.

Cyberbunk 2077 Update 1.02 is a very important download because it fixes some of the key issues that introduced the game.

If you go to social media, you will find some gorgeous displays of Cyberbunk 2077 on the latest gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

The game has numerous graphical bugs and game glitches, not to mention some frame-rate issues with basic consoles.

It is clear why it was delayed so many times, and why all the reviews focused on the PC version.

However, fortunately, Cyberbank 2077 Developer CD Project has been working hard on some fixes starting with the release of update 1.02.

Now available for download, the new Cyberbank update makes stability improvements and performance improvements.

The connection tips are not particularly detailed, although the CD project confirms that important improvement issues have been resolved.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I get another big update today (December 10) or tomorrow. The current list of patch tips can be found below.

Cyberbunk 2077 Update 1.02 Patch Notes …

St stability improvements

Performance Various performance improvements

Prot Important progress and game issues

Since the PS4 and Xbox One versions have difficulty getting started, there should definitely be an argument for choosing a game on Google Stadia or PC.

Not only is Google Stadia version immediately accessible, users will always have an updated version of the game.

It can be run on Chromecast on smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs. This is the cheapest way to play the game, as new Stadia users get 10 from the purchase of their first game. 39.99.

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The PC version is also a solid choice for fans looking for better performance, especially if you have an Nvidia GeForce Game Ready driver, and DLSS.

The PC version of the game features radiation-detected shadows, reflections, diffused light, universal illumination and ambient light.

According to Nvidia, running DLSS on Cyberbank 2077 increases frame rates by 60% or more depending on the GPU and resolution.

Console users will have to wait until the next gen update in 2021 to get something similar to PC.