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Cyberbunk 2077 - CD Project Performance Satisfactory

Cyberpunk 2077 – Patch 1.3 Preview

The CD project today provides a preview of the 1.3 patch Cyberpunk 2077They are again presented in the form of a message.

Among other things, it handles synchronization, a mini-map zoom-out, UI upgrades and more.

Someone is commenting on:

“When I was assigned to this project it was one of my first jobs and I had to dig a lot of code to understand our UI video system. Eventually I realized there was a problem with the video system. The value for video time was less than the video footage. They understand. “ – Natalia, UI Programmer, CD Project Red.

Complete changes to the update will be provided in a few days. Until then, tomorrow you can share REDstream with some members and developers of our community team Twitch channel from CD Project Red Follow. The stream will be in English and will begin on August 17 at 6pm on CEST.

A full preview of Patch 1.3 is available On the official homepage.

As you can see, the CD project is still working hard to bring Cyberbank 2077 up to scratch. This means a lot more work, but especially as you can expect the next gen version, which will finally pull the cart out of the mud. One might be interested.

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