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Cyberbank 2077 CD Project Red Achieves Total Record in 2020 - Nerd 4. Life

Cyberbank 2077 CD Project Red Achieves Total Record in 2020 – Nerd 4. Life

Apparently CD program RED Total Will take the record When 2020, And it is clear that the best introductory success Cyberpunk 2077 Contributed significantly to these numbers.

In fact, we know that Cyberbunk 2077 has recorded sales of 13 million copies since its release, so when it comes to December alone, it holds a significant mark overall Fiscal year Of the Polish study, which ended on March 31st.

Final data due on April 22 is pending, with CD Project Red expected to charge approx. $ 562 million: A figure four times higher than 2019 and two and a half times higher than the previous record of 2015, thanks to the introduction of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

A record was also recorded in this connection Profit, About $ 303 million by 2020: when profits reached $ 89.8 million, three times higher than the aforementioned record of 2015.

It is not clear whether I have already calculated on the 2020 financial results Refunds Cyberbank 2077 was introduced to console users at the most critical stage of its introduction: perhaps the relevance of the issue may be media rather than concrete.

The team certainly has no intention of dropping the game, in fact they are determined to fix it and sell it in the coming years.

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