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Current Affairs, January 2021 – Stora Report, CESE, “Minority Safe Pack”, PAC

Themes that make up national news, in January 2021

Among the subjects selected for the candidates for the competitions and examinations …

  1. Almost sixty years after the end of the Algerian war, how can we fix different memories? Report by Benjamin Stora.
  2. Impact of health crisis on youth
  3. Organic Law of January 15, 2021 relating to the Economic, Social and Environment Council
  4. Article 1 of the Constitution and the Constitution Act relating to the protection of the environment
  5. Order of January 20, 2021 to reform the training of local elected officers
  6. New Atmo Air Quality Index
  7. Etc.

Themes that make up European news, in December

In the European news selected for your review paper …

  1. EU countries (EU) are trying to coordinate their actions in the face of the health crisis.
  2. A new strategy for fostering openness, goodwill and resilience in the EU’s economic and financial system
  3. 2021, “European Rail Year”
  4. European citizens’ initiative “Minority Safe Pack”
  5. Europe’s population is aging: what are the challenges?
  6. “New European Boas”.
  7. Public debate on European agricultural policy (CAP)
  8. Etc.

These papers do not cover all national and European news for December 2020. They are a Selection of subjects you may be asked questions, either in writing or during an oral competition. Coming from reference websites, various articles are explicitly cited. Do not hesitate to access the original site where additional resources are generally available.

Two tips:

  • Complete your edits By studying Issued by If only once a week, By the “essential” section It reviews the important news of the last seven days; Other website to consult:;
  • Do not hesitate to make an investment Complete product In the competition (s) you produce, it is a successful investment Selection of public service competitions. At Carriè, You will find many products for our partner, regional public service competitions.

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