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Cultural structures in the service of regional development (joint seminar)

Cultural structures in the service of regional development (joint seminar)

Concerned public

The seminar is designed for Spanish-speaking professionals with a proven track record of developing cultural policies that have a cultural impact on the development of cultural projects or the development of territories outside France: managers of cultural structures or public services, cultural project managers, local authorities, and those responsible for formulating and / or managing cultural policies. .

All cultural disciplines are involved: art shows, architecture, visual arts, cinema, audiovisual, heritage, cultural and creative disciplines, publishing and libraries.

The seminar is held exclusively in Spanish.

Application file

Applications must include:

  • Application Form (Download Below),
  • ID card or passport scan,
  • Candidate’s photograph that respects the photographic rules required for official documents (photo must be face photo, jpg or source format, at least 300 dpi, not too much exposure or too little exposure, no filter, uniform contrast);
  • One or more documents presenting the cultural framework in which the professional candidate is working,
  • Candidate’s job certificate and description of his responsibilities.

Special conditions for submitting your application file

Application file should not be sent to the Ministry of Culture!

The application file should be sent to the Cooperation and Cultural Activities Services of the French Embassy or the French agency of the country of residence of the candidate.. These services will then send the application files with their comments to the Ministry of Culture (and Alambred Communications, the service provider that organizes the seminar).

You can find all contact details of French embassies abroad Here.

Selection calendar

  • March 30, 2022: Deadline for submission of application files to the Ministry of Culture through the cooperation and cultural action services of French embassies abroad. Prior to this deadline, professional candidates are advised to submit their file to embassy services.
  • May 2022: Email notifications of successful and failed applications.
  • June 7 to 16, 2022 in Paris and other French cities: Joint seminar on “Cultural Path” around the theme “Cultural Path”.
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Costs if successful application

Ministry of Culture covers expenses (accommodation and catering) in France, travel in France, education expenses and social security coverage.

Transportation to France is the responsibility of selected professionals, their employer or other partners, especially the co-operation and cultural action services of French embassies located abroad as much as possible.


Travel Culture ESP 2022 Application Form.docx

Document – 46 KB


Travel Culture ESP 2022- Presentation .doc

Document – 64 KB


Cultural Journey 2019, “Collaborating and Creating in the French-Speaking World”, Photography Rights P. Gigan / MCI