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CSM unloads Story Daviko: "He said everything was fine"

CSM unloads Story Daviko: “He said everything was fine”

The delivery took place in Milan. After all, this is not a rash choice. Nor is it the result of a lawyer’s individual decision to seek enlightenment or libel. Those secret documents of the Amara case – while reading in the newspaper this morning Republic – Palazzo Dee came to Maraceali because CSM. Here is what was not released yesterday from the story of the story that was interrogated in Rome for revealing the secret, which was investigated by defamation attorney Michael Prestibino and his representatives, Affinito and Duci, for leaking news about the alleged lodge in Hungary.

The action was meditated on, the lawyer says, and handed over entirely to the council’s doka: “in two moments.” First, Storyry explains the context, asking for the names, vents, and advice of his lawyer Francesco Greco on the recession. Then, Davigo evaluates and says to him: Yes, even without proper deposit or disclosure. Give me those minutes and I can do it. The mysterious story of the investigation starts from there, which should be kept secret and instead exposed to various kinds of dangers.

Not only did it spread among CSM members, but also leaked by Davico officer “Post Woman” Marcella Contrafato, who is now under investigation in Rome, who will provide those minutes to reporters and adviser Nino di Matteo. The last embarrassment for Daviko was about the choice to report the content of the minutes in a techno-political context. The then councilor spoke to Senator 5S Nicola Mora, head of the Anti-Mafia Commission, about this.

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This explains why he submitted his report to Michael Prestibino on Friday. “The committee dealing with different freemonies is set up in Antimabia, so Davico told me about the investigation – says Mora Republic – He showed me the minutes he was on the stairs, I was stunned. Announcer’s Allegations (Corrected by Fioro Amara, Ed) Artida, a current CSM member and former comrade of Davico, was hit, and relations with him were closed. “Glad to know today that Artida has nothing to do with this,” Mora says.

Is that a proper choice too? Or did Davico violate it? Only Rome public prosecutor profiles can be evaluated. But it is Story’s trial that will hold the bench on Saturday of the trial. It was 13.15 when Paulo della Salah, the in-depth lawyer in the Amara case and his lawyer, left the public prosecutor’s office, but it was less than a face-off. Prestibino and his attorneys – wanting the right one – focus the questions on one aspect: the space to deliver the documents to Davico, crucial in assessing the potential. “Milan,” Story says immediately.

Contrary to what he said a month ago, everything happened not in Rome, but in the middle of the Lombard lock, in early April 2020 (as Davico had already said, as a witness). And then it does more. Where in addition, why Storyre provides. It: I believed it was the right choice, we talked about it, Davico assured me. Now that ability is not far from the Milanese tensions, it could go to Prussia. On the way out the story seems to be quiet even though he tries a bit: he is quiet. The lawyer speaks instead (“none of the merits of the trial”). Also, linking herself to the statements made by Davico on television, Della Salah explains: «Technically, the director was a person, in our view, to obtain those documents. Such a doctor was qualified by Davico, and in this sense he gave permission to present the story to the doctor.

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Such an importance Republic Able to reconstruct, Story has recorded it: by arbitrary notice. Is this the way to unleash the direction of action on a now retired value colleague? Is this the defensive tactic of those who have not been used by anyone in the scandal that has now sparked discontent and old feuds such as the unresolved distance between Davico and Artida? Della Sala raises her hands: “Dr. Davico, with transparency, has stated these peculiarities on TV.” In the meantime, another warm week may open with a summit. A coordination meeting between the lawyers affected by Hurricane Amara is scheduled for the next few days.