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Streamer, Game as Service, Season Pass ... Ministry of Culture Attacks British - Act

Streamer, Game as Service, Season Pass … Ministry of Culture Attacks British – Act

Some of the translations proposed by experts in this “French language enrichment device” appear to be more natural or already general, such as writing “pre-access” Initial accessInstead of “Season Boss” Season pass Or instead of “professional player” Player. Others would be better off saying “retrocam” instead Playing backwards. Translation of Hardcore player In “Hyperplayers”, confronting “normal players” is not so bad. Commendable effort over time Matchmaking It could become a “player pair” with a little goodwill.

On the other hand, it is necessary to get rid of unimaginably ingrained habits of CDA (extra-downloadable content) instead of traditional DLC.Downloadable content) The most universal exhaust Tito eSports For the benefit of “competing video games” or ask Streamers As “live players”, it can be said to be the translation in question. Replacing an already well-established one is also problematic Cloud gaming Although the Quebec Office of the French language has been promoting the use of a term such as “cloud computing” since 2010 through “cloud video game”.

But the most unfortunate thing is that we do not yet have an ideal and immediate understanding parallel to this term. Game as a service, Often translated as “Game a Service” or “Game Service”. For French linguists, the recommended translation here is “video game on demand”, a concept that has arisen from a misunderstanding of the subject. Of course the latest and its definition is very fluid, but above all it refers to a game whose economic model is designed to bring in money in the long run.

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