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Cryptomining malware instead of movie

Cryptomining malware instead of movie

Internet users are actually recovering Monero Cryptocurrency mining malware, believing that they are downloading a torrent of the latest episode of the superhero’s adventures, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Downloading copyrighted works is a small game that can cause big problems. Not only because this practice is illegal. Proof. In an attempt to recover an illegal copy of Spider – Man’s new chapter in Spider – Man’s adventures, many Internet users have accidentally installed crypto – malicious malware on their computers. Utilizing the amazing success of Sony Pictures’ new super product – already grossing over $ 1 billion at the box office – cybercriminals have actually replaced the file file provided for download on torrent with a modified version of SilentXMR Minor. Known Monero cryptocurrency mining software Available for free on GitHub. American company cyber security analysts The reason is labs The person who uncovered the fraud cleverly examined the encrypted code in detail. They claim to have used a number of malicious techniques to hide themselves from malware protection systems. Total virus And Windows Defender, by adding exceptions to the Microsoft tool, by modifying system processes – such as the popular svchost.exe – or by pretending to be the proper Google software.

However, the malware is very easy to identify. The downloaded file is called spiderman_net_putidomoi.torrent.exe, the Russian translation of spiderman_no_wayhome.torrent.exe. But since many users hide file extensions by default in Windows, they do not realize that they are starting a program when they open the movie file to run it. Too late, the damage is done! Of course, unlike other malware, SilentXMRMiner does not steal personal data or encrypt system content to demand a ransom. Content is the use of processor and other PC resources to make heavier calculations – this is the policy of cryptocurrencies based on the popular blockchain. Because like Bitcoin, Monroe is cut, that is, created and managed using cryptographic formulas that require more computing power. As a result, victims are left with a dull computer that does not understand what is happening to them. Salon Reason Labs, The spread of SilentXMRMiner and its malicious use by cybercriminals is not the first. Prior to the Spider-Man episode, malware was said to have been lurking in fake applications known as Discord or Windows Updater. So beware …