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Red Bull scarica anche il flap, Mercedes cerca downforce

Red Bull Unveils Flap, Mercedes Looks Downforce

Red Bull wants to reduce the power gap from the Mercedes electric segment by exploiting the unloaded aerodynamic system. The Milton Keynes team follows the same strategy they used in Spain, but finished second behind Barcelona winner Luis Hamilton.

The Baku track is actually a perfect match for the Dutchman’s RB16B’s features, thus reflecting the undefeated rear wing of the world champion Red Bull with a straight main profile and a generously fitted mobile flap rope, appealing to those who want to send tires to the right utility window, especially in the highly guided segment.

In short, the two teams fighting for the world leader face Azerbaijan weekend with very different approaches.

Red Bull has decided to enhance its aerodynamic principles: yesterday we showed you the main rear profile characterized by a key spoon design, but in fact the aerodynamics of the Bear Wechs further improved, adopting a mobile flap and significantly lowering its rope by introducing a solution never seen before, centered side by side.

The side overall has changed significantly compared to Monaco: three radial flow conveyors and four Haas-style curve blowers have disappeared. Milton Keynes is not afraid to lose the Down Force, in the hope that the car body creates a vertical thrust in terms of body and there is no great demand for wings.

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