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Milan-Genoa, i primi 45

The first 45 ‘smile in Milan-Genoa, Rossoplay: Osticard opens it, Rosoneri struggles

Genoa made amazing progress in San Siro, but the result was nothing but a lie. Rosoneri was troubled and worried about Domori, who was injured during the match.

Coaches’ Choices – With some of the findings proposed by Stefano Pioli, Rebekah resumed his last presence against Verona from 1 to 16 October. Daniel Maldini, for a series of historical studies and appeals, was an early attacking midfielder: his father Paulo made his professional debut in the August 1985 Italian Cup against Rosoble. After Kovit-19, Domori finds himself at the center of the defense. Held for two games. Chronic joins Tony in midfield, with Giroud returning the shirt as the lone striker. Shevchenko, with one and a half steps toward the exit, picked up a moment, 4-3-3, 3-5-2: The big news is, Kelvin Yebova is in first place, finishing the field with Egypt. And Gaisido, the latter holder after two months.

Surprising goal – Leo Astigard gave Griffon the lead in the 17th minute with a superb corner kick. He beat Portanova from the right and smashed the net to find Norway’s third chance of missing Theo Hernandez. The first goal of the season for the defender was the second match for Rosebull.

Milan tile – Fikayo Domori is injured and comes out with pain touching his left knee. After the first attempt to stay on the pitch, the English finally gave up Flat ratio Anxiety: Enters Florence 24 ‘. Initial information speaks of a bruise on the left knee. Will be evaluated in the next few hours. Already on December 1, again against Genoa, Kajer was injured.

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Near Rosebullu Double – Milan are struggling to come close to the opposite area, not really saving the chamber. In contrast, Genoa is doubling down with Portanova. Eguban enters the Rossoneri area and throws a stone from the mickey, pushing back the former Joe who can’t find Cole’s glass.

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