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Riot Control Simulator

Crowd Control Simulator: Riot Control Simulator Announced for Nintendo Switch in 2023 – ntower

The riot control simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023

By 2023, Nintendo Switch players will have the opportunity to quell street protests and restore law and order to cities. These possibilities are available in a riot control simulator, a realistic simulator for appeasing an angry crowd, which is characterized by detailed tactical options and a system of moral decisions, among others. The simulator will initially appear for PC in 2022, with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S next year.

The new Simulator Games is a joint venture between Box SA and Ultimate Games SA. The game was developed by Polish Studio Corfix Games.

Riot Control Simulator is a unique game that allows you to manage law enforcement officers who keep city streets safe. The purpose of the game is to be in control and to avoid the dangers posed by the angry crowd of opponents.

As announced by the creators, the riot control simulator will offer a variety of challenges and numerous locations inspired by cities from different countries. The game requires greater intelligence and the ability to choose the right tactic for the situation at hand. A special moral decision system is also being developed.

“The modern world is full of turmoil, and almost every day there are reports of protests erupting in various parts of the world. Sometimes these actions are arbitrary, other times they are organized and trained individuals. In all cases they represent a significant challenge to the police and other government forces, which we realistically understand in the game We would like to represent.When creating the riot control simulator we paid close attention to the details so that the law enforcement officers can experience the player situation from the perspective “- says Tomas Soup, CEO of Game Box SA

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Players have a wide variety of options and equipment available, including heavy vehicles, water cannons and tanks.

The methods of dealing with the crowd must vary – from attempts to harmoniously suppress opposition to brutal and ruthless peace. The developers insist that the players z. For example, with a close formation, you can capture the most aggressive opponents, but there are other solutions available in terms of provocation and intrusion.

Key features of the riot control simulator:

  • Restoration of law and order streets;
  • Evaluation of moral outcomes;
  • Locations from around the world;
  • Various types of equipment to appease the crowd;
  • Patterns and tactics.