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Cross-storage with steam is explained in a new video

Cross-storage with steam is explained in a new video

Nintendo explained a long time ago: its enemy is finance. No, sorry: it’s someone else. No, the loudest competitor in Japanese entertainment gloves is Disney Okre. Suddenly, the old rivalry between the manufacturers that once existed between them seems to be fading a little …

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Remember, this was just a year ago: at the Sports Awards 2018, three representatives of the “console” scene Will be proudly displayed side by side, To show that yesterday’s fights are not really happening anymore.

If not for this poor PC game, Nintendo seems to be eager to gradually address all audiences, reminds us of this new video today In a handful of games you can easily switch your part to the switch with the steam cross storage feature.

In happy reading, we see the divinity right now: Original Sin 2, Fortnight, Smit, but Civilization VI We told you about last April. It is very small, but goes by the famous principle of small steps. Well, the most incredible of all of these is this supposed player who launches his brand new switch light that is still confusingly preserved. That is the real political mistake.

Have you already used the Steam cross-save feature on the switch? In which games would you like to use it? Let us know your convertible ideas in the comments below.