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Crete Valley on Nintendo Switch to be held in February 2022 Nintendo Connect

Crete Valley on Nintendo Switch to be held in February 2022 Nintendo Connect

In this musical puzzle adventure it is important to find a way into the rhythmic world within the human psyche. Nightmares wreak havoc in this sequel to the award-winning game Figure. The job of the players is to stop their terrible plans. Alone or in pairs in local multiplayer mode, they rotate swords, interact with the environment, solve exciting puzzles and compete against muscle bosses in symphonic conflicts. A free demo version celebrates its overview today, check it out.

Figure 2: Valley of Crete This is an action adventure game that takes you on a journey through the human psyche. Dreams disturb the peace of the land, and you have the courage to solve dusty, puzzles, defeat bosses, and explore the surroundings.

Nightmares have destroyed the compass of morality, and now the mind is not functioning properly. To restore dust and piper peace, one must travel to the valley of hope where the ideals of rationality arise. A journey full of music and crazy puzzles awaits you.


  • Music conflicts
    • Dreams have their own songs, which indicate why they first appeared. Avoid their jokes effectively.
  • Rhythmic living world
    • Converse with a changing mind and listen to the rhythm of the world.
  • One mind, two views
    • Explore two opposite states of mind: cosmopolitan and narrow-minded. Switch back and forth between states and adapt to the ever-changing environment.
  • Sharp sword mind
    • Prove your mental and physical strength through tough puzzles and fights that follow the beat of music.
  • Subsidiary system
    • We do not have to face our fears alone. Piper can now be controlled by a friend at a local cooperative.

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