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CCleaner 5.88: PC Cleaner is even better

CCleaner 5.88: PC Cleaner is even better

Is your computer losing more and more of its performance and waiting times arise even for simple tasks? It’s time to rid your computer of redundant data. CCleaner is a good candidate for this job. The well-known free tool can now be found in the new Version 5.88 Download Tamil.

As is now common in cleaning software, the adware version, the portable version and the slim version without the ad were updated simultaneously. Our recommendation: Stay away from adware variant – it only gives annoying ads on your computer. Instead, get the portable CCleaner version or thinner version.

CCleaner 5.88: This is new in PC Cleaner

CCleaner: New version now available.

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Update on Version 5.88 Focuses on driver update. For example, the search function for drivers and the counter for the number of expired drivers have been improved. In addition, the developers have fixed various bugs.

Glad to have improved user-friendliness for users of the “NVDA Screen Reader” – a tool that enables blind computers to operate. The update should be a real relief when using CCleaner.

To use the update, download CCleaner in the current version And run the system. The previous version was simply overwritten and no previous installation was required. In detail, you can see all the changes Official change registration on the official website Read up.

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