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Creed Champions, Rocky's New Game Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam - Nert 4. Life

Creed Champions, Rocky’s New Game Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam – Nert 4. Life

Coach Media and Servios have announced that they will be bringing the body version to Italy, the new arcade boxing game Rocky And Crete movies. Big Rumble Boxing: Crete Champions Coming in 2021 Switch, PS4, Xbox One E Steam.

In Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, players enter the ring to train, fight and win, or become boxers Adonis Creed e Rocky Balboa, In an arcade boxing experience set within the universe of the most popular boxing franchise of all time.

“Big Rumble Boxing: We are excited to enter into this new partnership with Coach Media for our first gaming experience with the Crete Champions,” he said. Seth Gerson, CEO of Servios. “Koch Media’s expertise in delivering incredible games will further enhance our studio’s mission to bring cross – reality games to consoles and PC players around the world, and they will become a perfect match for us in the service of an iconic movie owner like Rocky and Creed.”

Stephen Schmidt, Global Partner Publishing, Director, Koch Media, added: “At Koch Media we are pleased to work with a partner such as Servios and support them with our local publishing offices around the world to support all global marketing and publishing activities with which our global and local teams work closely together. And working with Rocky and Crete has always been special.

Robert Marrick, Managing Vice President, MGM Global Consumer Products and Experiences, said, “We are pleased to work with Koch Media and Servios to bring the Big Rumble Boxing: Crete Champions game console and PC. Rocky and Crete fans will jump into the ring at this fun boxing match.”

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