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A brief review of the expectations and potential announcements for the Nintendo Switch at Gamescom 2022

A brief review of the expectations and potential announcements for the Nintendo Switch at Gamescom 2022

One of the other major video game shows, The Gamescom, Starting tomorrow -25/08 and ending Friday 27/08. Initially it was live and digital … eventually it will be fully digital (like other shows this summer).

Although Nintendo did not specify to plan a conference or Nintendo Direct in this case, we recommend that you quickly review any possible announcements (related to the Nintendo Switch) that may occur during various conferences!

  • 505 games (Its author Horace, drawn to life, bloodstained) I want to say a little more about this Grow up: Evertery’s song Whose pitch seemed most interesting to us (we give you the trailer). The publisher will also offer 4 new titles, some of which are planned for the Nintendo Switch

  • Sega Need to announce a new character Super Monkey Milk: Banana Mania. After Sonic and Tales, Pete from Jet Set Radio and Kajuma from Yakuza, we wonder who will be next in the cast of this new album, which promises to be very crazy …
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge of the Shredders , Some of us are waiting for the release of the edited title by Dodemu, should take advantage of the opportunity to publish new invisible images and release date?
  • Another game to be expected Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Will be with new films too, which should delight Saga fans!
  • Nickelodeon All-Star Fight, “Smash Brothers” with characters Nickelodeon The event will be used to reveal two new characters (we already know they will be present: Michelangelo and Leonardo Ninja Turtles, Nigel Thorberry The Telangangel family, Powder Toast Man from the series Ren & Stimpy, From the series Sponge Bob (square), Sandy Ecuriel and Patrick Sponge, Oblina from the series Funny monsters, Lucy Loud and Lincoln Loud d Welcome to Louds, From Helka (female with single eyebrow) Hi Arnold! Challenge from Wet, Jim Occupier Jim Finally Danny Phantom from the series of the same name!
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  • At the level of other rumors that the Nintendo Switch is “vulnerable” there is talk of a restart Array of Saints… Knowing that the last two Opus releases on the Nintendo hybrid, we can count on the potential port …