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WhatsApp, no one will be able to see your chats from today: crazy trick

WhatsApp, no one will be able to see your chats from today: crazy trick

Check out the new trick on WhatsApp that hides your chats from other users. Let’s see how it works and how to implement it

There is a new trick in messaging apps (via screenshot)

There have been many innovations this year Share Between updates and new tools, today we are going to look at the trick Hide from everyone Your Chat. In the past, many users have complained about the lack of security within the app, so the developers decided to find different ways to protect users. You can do this trick inside the app Protects you from all spies.

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In fact, all users ‘chats’Lock the app with your fingerprint‘. Dedicated system, not yet available in other instant messaging applications. In fact, to implement it, you must first ‘Settings‘Of the app, you need to click’Account‘Finally Inside’Privacy‘. If you scroll down you will finally “Fingerprint lock“Once the tool is activated, the app can only be accessed by your fingerprint.

WhatsApp is not just a trick to cover chats: new speed for voice messages

New version of WhatsApp
Another message for all users (via screenshot)

For some time now the application a Restoration process, Ready to land into use with new functions. In fact Share Thanks for thinking well about helping me hear longer messages ‘Double Speed’ News. This news was directly announced by the developers of Menlo Park who published the section ‘Frequently Asked QuestionsOf the site.

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A new feature Share Is ready to cut everything Long vowels. In fact, users can quickly select the message playback speed. Two speeds will be included: ‘1,5 x‘e’2 x‘, And you can return to the normal speed of the message at any time. The blindness was more than appreciated by the users and they soon had no fear of the speakers. Menlo is a super appreciated tool for taking the telegram once again, a competitor that worries developers at the park the most.

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