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Covid-19: The travel certificate is back in use at TousAntiCovid

Covid-19: The travel certificate is back in use at TousAntiCovid

TousAntiCovid is back in use and is an option already known to the French. Users can now download the travel certificate: When this type of document was last requested, the government enforced a curfew in the country.

This is information that has not been noticed so far. Since the end of last November, during the last update of the application TousAntiCovid, A digital travel certificate created by the government can be generated manually. Mentioned in this new tab: “Media Law and Regulation for Related Areas”.

Lastly the French had to submit or keep this kind of document, the government enforced the curfew order.

This new option, which was discovered by our colleagues The Voice of the North, This Monday, December 6th, raises fears of a possible curfew order or imprisonment in the country, which is high in areas most affected by the virus. This is the case in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe, which are currently under curfew, according to Daily Nord. At present, such a regulatory measure is not being considered by executives in France’s mainland: the government is betting on things like vaccinations and health passes.

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For his part, the minister in charge of digital mentions Western France Check out this app update. However, the government has indicated that new control measures could be taken on Monday, December 6, to prevent the fifth wave of Govt-19s currently hitting the country.

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