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Sergio Costanzo

Costanzo: “Through Nacionale and management unloading the barrel”

We obtain and publish this note from the Municipal Councilor for Cedanzaro Sergio Costanso
It is a good habit of this administration to blame the mayor and his councilors on others.
Sometimes it is the fault of the state funds, the rest of the region or the sorority or utterp, but never the fault of the government that runs the city.
Although via Nacionale, the fault is the railway. I had already imagined studying regular barrel discharge.
But if that is true, what does Lango say, why hasn’t the Abraham-led municipality built a municipal sewer for citizens who have been paying taxes beautifully for more than twenty years?
If, as the commissioner says, this part of the sewer system is not permanently repaired to the detriment of the railways or “individuals”?
Why should some tourists, merchants and honest citizens who pay taxes to the municipality still be fined by these distortions in 2021?
Want to talk about public health care? Is this also the responsibility of the State Railways?
Dear Councilor, The truth is, people are tired of this administration and your three-card game, and as Giuseppe Late says “the best thing to do for you is to stop playing and leave parties for them.
Since there was no crowd this way, we would definitely force them to pick up their rags so they were removed …..

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