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Core i9-11900K is better than the Raison 9 5900X in gaming, says Intel | CES 2021

Core i9-11900K is better than the Raison 9 5900X in gaming, says Intel | CES 2021

Al CES 2021 Intel Announced arrival At the end of the quarter Of new ones 11th generation Intel Core desktop processors, Code name Rocket Lake. Almost everything about these processors has been known for a long time: 14 nanometer products, they offer Up to 8 cores and 16 threads Architecture based Cyprus Cove, Sunny Cove project reuse of 10-nanometer mobile ice lag chips. Next to CPU cores is a welcome innovation, i.e. a Integrated graphics chip based on Xe architecture, A clear step from the framework of General 9.5.

Then the lower core, Which goes from 10 to 8 of the current Core i9, But advanced configuration Compared with the frequencies for the flag bearer Core i9-11900 k Very similar to the Core i9-10900K: we are talking about max 5.3 GHz Core Active and 4.8 GHz all drives are active. According to TDG, the PL1 value of the Intel 125W is equal to the PL2 250W with 56 seconds.

Offer new programs 20 Series PCI Express 4.0, Four more than previous models, enables high-speed connectivity for storage and a dedicated GPU, as well as a host of other features to enhance performance with loads of artificial intelligence. The memory controller gets even better with own support DTR 4-3200.

basically Compatibility, Can install new CPUs on new motherboards Chipset Of the series 500 (Z590, B560, H510) and in series projects 400, If not all: green light for Z490, Q470 and H470 models, nothing for B460 and H410 (at least according to Intel).

According to the Santa Clara House, the new Rocket Lake CPUs are guaranteed Improvement in IPC performance (clockwise mechanisms) 19%, Compares the new Core i9-11900K with the current 10900K. IPC performance is an important aspect that gives us a pulse of performance in areas where the processor uses certain texts such as video games.

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To demonstrate progress in gaming, Intel showed Testing of the Metro Exodus In it he compared a new 8-core Rocket Lake CPU to the AMD Raison 9 5900X, both paired with the GeForce RTX 3080: The Intel system achieved excellent performance, Averaging 156.54 FPS on the test and 147.43 FPS on the AMD PC. The company has released a chart with the results of other games Full HD performance is 2% to 8% higher than the chip coming from AMD.