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Controller and Chromecast free for pre-orders

Controller and Chromecast free for pre-orders

I 25 years of the Resident Evil series, Google confirms it RE Village It will be released on its own streaming platforms to be compatible with PC and console versions. For this event, Mountain View Company is also launching an important advertisement to encourage fans to record Capcom’s horror on Stadia.

The initiative launched by the US company has been a cause for concern in recent months Stadia Premier Edition Con Cyberbank 2077. Google Advertising is offering Google Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra as a gift to buyers of the Resident Evil Village in Stadia, with its standard version (sold for. 69.99) and the deluxe version (79, 99 euros).

The new offer, available when stocks last, is already active and will be active until midnight on May 21st. To further strengthen its partnership with Capcom, Google’s gaming division is also proposing Citizen Evil 7 BioHazard Gold Edition Free on Stadia Pro fromApril 1st To all subscribers to the subscription service. So, Stadia Pro members can as soon as possible Recover to zero euros Copy of Citizenship Evil 7 including additional content such as Prohibited Views Module. 1 e 2.

Before leaving you with a Google video summarizing the terms of the new RE Village Theme offer, we remind you that Capcom’s blockbuster survival horror will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / May from May 7. S.