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Control and Curfew Order in 2021: New Download Certificates are downloaded here

Control and Curfew Order in 2021: New Download Certificates are downloaded here

The ax has fallen on 21 million French people: Prime Minister Jean Costex announced on Thursday, March 18th Restoration At least 4 weeks in 16 metropolitan areas to prevent a third wave of the so-called Covit-19 epidemic. At the same time, the curfew order is maintained everywhere in France, but it is greatly reduced.

16 Restructured Departments

  • Of eight fieldsIl-de-France : Paris, Sean-Saint-Denis, Hots-de-Sean, Wall-de-Marne, Wall-de-Ois, Sean-Ed-Marne, Ezone and Yelines;
  • Of five fields Hots-de-France : Nord, Boss-de-Calais, Som, Aisne, Ois;
  • The Eure;
  • Alps-Myriads;
  • Sean-Maritime.

Restricting these regions does not exempt them from complying with the curfew order: it is the same with belts and suspenders, but with good news (see below).

Stores were closed, but publications were encouraged

Non-essential businesses – except bookstores, record shops, hair salons, garden centers, florists, candy stores and shoe makers – need to close their doors to the public, and this closed edition is about 2021’s great innovation outdoor travel.

They can do without the period of stay 10 km radius Around his house. Also, school children, college and high school students will continue to attend class. Universities, for their part, have kept their function until then.

Also, when Telecommunications Very strongly encouraged by the administrator, “At least 4 days out of 5” According to Jean Costex, regional travel between restricted and unrestricted areas is limited to professional or mandatory reasons only.

Extended curfew order

Download new exit certificates

The Interior Ministry has issued new disgusting travel certificates. You can download, print and finish them by hand or, more simply, create a digital version. Website of the Ministry of the Interior :

Latest government utility update TousAntiCovid (ex-StopCovid) also contains certificates of contempt. The app can be downloaded for free Android And iOS. If you already have this installed, be sure to update the new Exit Certificates effective March 2021.

Certifications: New rules already in place

A few hours after the new non-compliant travel certificates were published online, Madiknon announced that the new rules were coming into force with the aim of making things easier. Thus, nothing will change in relation to the curfew order. You must always bring a certificate to leave your home between 7pm and 6am. On the other hand, with regard to the 16 departments subject to imprisonment, they no longer need to bring a 10km radius around their home from 6am to 7pm for their travels. A simple Proof of address Or a ID Enough for your day trips. Beyond this perimeter, you must have a simplified certificate. These are two new certificates of exceptional travel published on the Interior Ministry’s website: one specifically for the curfew order and 10 km for other departments.

Violators of the imprisonment or curfew order will be fined 5 135.