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Construction site completed: Ezelunga Mandova will open on Wednesday

Construction site completed: Ezelunga Mandova will open on Wednesday

Former Montessori site, super store opens. 120 employees have been hired, many of them from Mandua

Mandua. Work has been completed and the sign has been successful for a few days on the red brick facade, which stands out from the rest of the glass building. However, everywhere, the mess of a construction site has not yet been completely removed and cleaned up. But these are just details. Ezelunga Super Store, the first store of the Caprotti brand in the Mantua area, is about to open. The following Wednesday, the day traditionally dedicated to the opening of groups of shops, there was once a bus station, and then there was a ditch as a result of a failed operation to equip the nearby convention center with a hotel and shops, a supermarket we will be at.

After two-and-a-half years of work that began in late 2018, the city healed an injury that it had been trying to heal since 2013, when the construction site of the then-forum Montadori was abandoned due to financial problems and two years after the bankruptcy of Pascoldo entrepreneur Antonio Motto.

Now former Beasley Montadori will be alive again with those who are busy with their daily shopping, and that place in the city, once a stone is thrown from the historic center, will once again become a beating heart. No signs or posters about Mandua have been unveiled yet, but from the headquarters in Ezelunga, Milanese, they confirmOpening day Wednesday. Both sites are under construction; Complete at the last minute with fresh, vegetables and gastronomy. Another, already, shelves are almost full. There are no fixed times yet for the opening, as well as for the opening ceremony with city officials, as low profile is preferred. But it will not be like this: “Invitations are going out” assures Eselunga. No information has been received so far in the municipality. A problem for the local police, who only called at the last minute to organize themselves, which, as expected, would be poured into Viole Beau and Field Novolary.

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The new store will occupy both floors of the building, which was once built in the center of Beasley Montadori. The business area will be spread over 2,500 square meters and will employ 120 employees, many of whom are from Mandua, who were selected long ago and then properly trained. It is not yet known how the store will be organized. On the ground floor, in addition to cash desks, there should be fruit and vegetable fields, and on the first floor there are shops with counter service of new products such as meat, fish, ready-made food and bakery. The Atlantic menu includes a form of chain supermarkets, catering service and space dedicated to online shopping. The structure will have 460 parking spaces between those on the ground level and those divided into two underground floors (which will be added to 366 of the nearby Bradella car park, which will be sold to the municipality).

The shop will also open the way for visitors to appreciate the remains and other finds of the city’s fifteenth-century walls that emerged during the excavations. It was the archeological park, through Ezelunga, Arcia, in Brescia, that carried out the work, along with other compensatory work, such as the demolition of the Field Beau Roundabout, the cycle and sidewalks, and the demolition of Porta’s former stadium. Ceres to make way for the municipal parking lot.