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Console sells in Japan, but no games, Switch dominates the rankings -

Console sells in Japan, but no games, Switch dominates the rankings –

PS5 In Japan it is selling more and more according to data for March 2021, which may be helped by regular production and distribution. The real problem seems to be software, completely absent from the top 30 places.

The data we refer to was shared by Famitsu. The PS5 has sold out since its release, the magazine said 580,211 units in Japan. Weekly sales statistics

  • March 1 – March 7: 22,509
  • March 8 – March 14: 37,851
  • March 15 – March 21: 34,657
  • March 22 – March 28: 62,295

Let’s see instead PS5 sales for March 2021 compared to February 2021:

  • February 2021: 95,289
  • March 2021: 157,312

Growing numbers, as you can see, can be helped by regular production / distribution. Of course, data comparable to the Nintendo Switch sold 190,133 standard versions and 77,364 lite versions last week. Anyway, we can see that The situation with the PS5 continues to improve.

“Concerned” is the data on the PS5’s software page. There are 29 Nintendo Switch games and a PS4 game in the top 30 of week 15-21. There are 9 switch games and 1 PS4 game in the first 10 places of the 22-28 week (Famitsu tomorrow, April 2, changing the top 10 places to 30).

As you can see, PS5 software does not appear on the leaderboard. Can titles like Return, Deathloop and above all Resident Evil Village change the table?

Among Famitsu’s most anticipated games, Final Fantasy 16 and Resident Evil Village are a good sign for Sony.

The PS5 is making slow progress in Japan