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Connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch

Connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has released an update for its Switch family that many gamers have been waiting for. The game console now supports Bluetooth audio, allowing wireless headphones to connect as well.

Until now, if players wanted to play via headphones with their switch, they had only two options. You can connect your headset to the Nintendo Switch via cable or buy a Bluetooth adapter to connect the headphones wirelessly. The adapter is inserted into the low USB-C port on the console. This works well, but also means purchasing an additional device that users will need to re-connect as soon as they want to mount the console or dock.

The Nintendo Switch now supports Bluetooth headphones

In principle, the switch is Bluetooth-enabled, but Nintendo has not yet activated the function. But the manufacturer is now doing this with an update to version 13.0.0. Bluetooth support only applies to audio. According to Nintendo, it can store up to 10 devices. However, there are also restrictions on Bluetooth functionality, which Nintendo describes in more detail on its website. For example, the switch does not support Bluetooth microphones. Additionally, headphones can only run two wireless controllers if connected to a Nintendo switch via Bluetooth. Additional controllers cannot be connected until the audio device is disconnected. Incidentally, the Nintendo Switch automatically disconnects the Bluetooth connection to the headphones as soon as the players activate the local multiplayer mode.

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Version 13.0.0 also includes the item “Maintain internet connection in sleep mode” in the switch update settings. If this is enabled, systems with wired internet connections will also maintain internet connection in energy saving mode. It allows you to download software and add-on content while Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode.

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If you have the current dock with the LAN connection introduced by Nintendo with Switch OLED, you can now find the item “Update Doc” in the menu. The new functionality now allows software updates to be downloaded over a LAN connection.


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